Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Back

So it has been a long summer.  We moved from Tustin to Laguna Niguel in June.  Just as we began to settle in Wayne lost his job.  So the past 6 weeks have been stressful.  He has quite a few leads, has had a couple of interviews, and has another one scheduled this week.  We also have a couple of good leads that we are waiting on, and one interview that we are still waiting to hear back from. 
I have really gotten used to having him around all day, and I really enjoy getting to sleep in some mornings while I make him get up and take care of the kids.  As much as I love having him here to help it will be great when he gets back to work, as nither of us has left this house much because we can't spend money, and even just driving wastes money we need.
There are a few new posts so enjoy.


After 3 1/2 years I finally decided to cut my hair.



I have been going through some pictures over the last few months and have found some really cute/fun ones, and decided to share.
 One of Madie's many diva poses. 
(I have no idea how she learned to suck in her cheeks and purse her lips for a photo)
Wanting mom to take pictures. 
Feeding Collin the jar of baby food she found. 
 Posing on her toilet.  We found this great place on the way to visit Papa and Grandma Julie.  It is a farm/dairy/petting zoo/restraunt/store. They had mini toilets.  Madie was so excited when she saw them.  It was the only toilet she would go on during the trip, and we stoped 3 times before this.  She had to pose with the toilet, and  she even posed herself.
 Pillow fight!
 Sneeking marshmellows
Dringing straight from the faucet.