Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lots of little things

I have been really bad about posting the last couple of weeks. I have had quite a few times weher I took pictures wanting to post on the blog, and then never got around to posting. So I am taking the time now to get caught up on those posts.

This first set are from the 9th. I went in to check on the kids and they were playing so well together. Collin is finally big enough that he can easily play with his sister, and she it normally very good to him. I love those times when I see them playing together and being good.

On Friday the 4th Madison finally got her first haircut. She was watching The Little Mermaid and I started combing out her hair when I thought I should trim it up to even it all out. I only cut just over an inch off, but it looks like more. It took the weight off the top of her hair so it is curling up more again, instead of hanging strait.

This is how her hair looks now, not much different.

This is how much hair I cut off, defiantly not much.

This last set of pictures are from the 3rd. Madison was playing with one of her dolls and started to put a dress on her, she did a very good job but needed some help to get it all the way.

Once the doll was dressed she got one of Collin's diapers and tried to put it on as well.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Further adventures of potty training

Today I asked Madison if she needed to use the potty, since she was not wearing a diaper. She said yes and ran and got on the toilet. A couple seconds later she says "it stuck, I broken. Fix it." It was just so cute, lately everything around our house is braking so Madison is always telling us "it broken, fix it", and I guess she needed fixing as well.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Playing in the Rain, to beat the heat

Madison was in the bathroom, and turned on the shower, I hear her say "raining" as she runs into my bedroom. She tells me "bathtub". I go into the bathroom to turn off the shower and this is what I see.

Since she went through all that trouble I have to let her play for a few minutes to cool off.