Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I have been very busy the last couple of weeks. This last Saturday we moved. Our new apartment is about a mile away from the old one. We are still unpacking, and probably will be for a couple of weeks. Madison has been getting into everything, and we can no longer lock her out of the kitchen, so it makes things even worse. Madison trying to help put up her crib.

Mothers Day was good, but stressful dealing with the move. I never got an opportunity to be pampered and relaxed. I have asked for another Sunday where I get all the Mothers Day pampering, such as, breakfast in bed (or just made for me), and no household or baby duties.

Madison is also learning how to use the computer. She loves to bang on the keyboard. Yesterday I entered my bedroom to her having climbed up on the chair and playing on the computer. Since then it has happened about 5 more times.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

One of Wayne's friends Jimmy came over today, since hid wife is out of town. He decided to drag us to the beach. We had some work to do in the morning since we are getting ready to move next week, but around 3:00 we were ready to go and have some fun. This was Madison's first time going to the beach and she had a blast. I went with her down to the water holding her hands as the waves would crash over our feet. She was having so much fun and laughing I don't think it bothered her that the water was cold. The tide was coming in so the waves started getting bigger and the water was getting deeper, so I started helping her "jump" when the waves came. She was loving every minute of it. Madison really is a water baby and would spend all her time there if she could. It started to get colder with the wind blowing so I took her up to dry off. Wayne and Jimmy then came back from boogie boarding, and Wayne wanted to take her back down to the water. He was holding her and went a little too deep. A wave came up and got her good, she then threw-up on daddy. She was fine but she wanted to go back to mommy. We then went back to standing where she could stand in the water. That only lasted for a couple of minutes before it got too cold. We then went back and played in the sand (another first), and she had a blast.

Every year the men in our Stake get together and have a basketball tournament. Each Ward has a team, they play 7 games then they have the playoffs to determine first place. This year our ward, Tustin 4th took first place winning all 10 of their games for an undefeated season.

Go Wayne!!!