Thursday, January 6, 2011

Madison is 4

 My little girl is growing up.  Yesterday she turned 4.   
 We had a fun little party at home for her.  She got some great gifts.

She loves pink, so she had to have pink frosting, pink candles, and pink ice cream.

Happy Birthday baby girl.  I love you.

Snow Day

While visiting Papa and Gma Julie, we went further up the mountain where there was lots of fresh snow.

 The two things Madie had to do were make a snow angel and build a snow man.
Even uncle Brad helped.

 We had a snow ball war. Wayne, Madison, Collin and myself against Brad, Jamie, Geneva and Bennett.

 We stoped for lunch, and Geneva and Bennett were done with the snow...
 but, Madie and Collin wanted to sled somemore.  They had so much fun going down the hill.


                                       Madie loves Tinkerbell, and I found this beautiful dress on clerance.  We decided to have fun and get the whole family involved.

While Madie's dress is store bought, I made the rest of the costumes.