Friday, December 18, 2009


I have been working on getting this post done for about a week, but with getting ready for Christmas, it has been a slow process. So I am finally done with all my Christmas projects, and I can now get this done too.
I had 2 comp passes left from when I was working at Disneyland and they were about to expire, so Wayne took a day of work and we went and played. It was great because I got to see many of my old friends. Mary was excited to see me and stopped for a picture while she and Burt were on their way to Tea.
Madison LOVES Tinkerbell and her movies. She is always asking me to watch "Tinkerbell Treasure", but we do not own the movie so we have to wait for when it is on the Disney Channel. So we knew we just had to visit Tink and her friends. That day Silvermist visiting along with Tinkerbell.

Madison was soooooo happy to see Tink, she just ran up to her and gave her a big hug. She was awe struck.

Having to say goodbye. After we left the location Madison asked me where Terrance was. When I told her that he was not there Madison got so sad, her heart broke and you could see she was devastated. She then saw a Terrance doll and was happy. She also saw a plane flying high in the sky leaving a trail behind it and said that it was Terrance, which made her even happier.

Wayne, Collin and I got to go on the Nemo ride for the first time. Madison had been on it once before with her babysitter Brooke, but that was before her first birthday. Both of the kids loved it. Collin was trying to climb out the window.

We got ice cream a California Adventure...
which Collin loved... and could not get enough...

Madison had to go on the "round and around, go really tall" ride, so Wayne went with her while I put Collin to sleep.

We then ran into Woody, who remembered me, so he stopped just to say hi to us, and get a pic with Madison who was not sure about big he was.

Pictures with my good friend Mrs. Clause...
and Santa Clause.
It was a wonderful day. It was so great for Madison, because she is at the age that she understands and appreciates what is going on. I loved watching her have so much fun.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Last week we went to get our tree. We were looking at 6-7 ft Douglas Furs, since they were in our price range, but could not find one that we liked. The guy that was working the lot said that the Nobel Furs were fuller and had a richer smell, but we told him they were too much. He then said if we found one we liked he would give it to us for the same price as a Douglas. We were very happy to get a beautiful tree and save $7. The tree was huge. It had to be bigger than just 7 ft since it touched our ceiling once put up.

We also had to move all of our furniture (this was after moving the bookshelf over about 1 ft, and before moving the T.V. ).

Collin wanted in on the fun, he watched mom go up and down the stepladder so he figured it was his turn.

Madison had fun helping put up the ornaments, especially the Disney ones.

To get the angel on top we had to trim off about a foot of the tree, but it looks good. We also need the gate to keep tiny hands off the tree, but even the barricade dose not stop Madison, just Collin.