Friday, March 5, 2010


About a week ago Madison had been playing in her room while Wayne and I were in the front room.  Things got quiet, and stayed that way for a while, so I decided to go and check on her.  I walked into her room, and she was not there.
I went to check if maybe she had gone in my room, but the door was shut so she couldn't get in.  At this point I started calling out her name.  I looked in the bathroom, but it to was empty.  I then went back to her room to look again, but it was still empty.  I remembered that she loves to hide in the closet, but it too was empty. 
It was late, and I knew she should not have been able to get out the front door, without Wayne or I noticing, so I started getting worried.  Where was she?
It then hit me I had thrown a blanket over the rocking chair in there room, a common occurance as it is a leather chair and I hate the cold leather. Sure enough she was under the blanket, asleep.

For those of you who do not get the "Payback" part of this story-
When I was a little girl (6?) I decided to play hide and go seek, but I did not tell anyone else I was hiding so they could find me.  I hid by laying down on the couch and covering myself with the pillows.  The couch was just the perfect size for me, and with the pillows you could not see me.  It was just a dark green couch.  Well I fell asleep waiting to be found.  My parents (having no idea I was playing) started to wonder where I went.  They called the neighbors, and the entire neighborhood was looking for me.  My family must have walked by me over 100 times never, seeing me.  My mom was just about to call the police when she saw a small patch of white on the dark couch.
Mom I am sorry for scaring you.  It is not a fun thing to go through, but it sure is a funny story now.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sibling Love

Madison and Collin have started getting into the sibling rivelry, but mostly it is just love. 
Ocassionally they fight over who gets mommies attention, but most of the time they play so well together.