Sunday, June 21, 2009

5 Months

Yes it is that time again. Collin is now 5 months old. Even the second time around I am amazed at how fast time goes by. I didn't realize until just a few days ago that we were over half way done with June, in my mind it was still May.

Collin is growing fast, and it seems that everyday he discovers something new.

He loves his foot, mainly the right one but he will go for the left on occasion. I have found him sleeping in his crib with both hands wrapped around his foot/leg with his toes in his mouth. He also loves his thumb and will start sucking on it every once in a while.

We started feeding him rice cereal this past week. He loves it and just gulps it down, you can not get it to him fast enough.

He is also starting to learn how to sit unsupported. He still has a ways to go, but is on his way.

He has mastered the army crawl, and can get anywhere he wants.

He loves grabbing hair, he dose not care if it is mommy's or Madison's, if it is within his reach he will grab a handful. He has even pulled out a large chunk of his sister's hair. Because of this Madie dose not go near him as much as she used to, and will fight for mommy's lap more often.

Collin is also getting more vocal. He loves to laugh, and dose it so easily. He is also getting better command of his sounds. The other day, without coaching, he said "ma". I expect very soon he will be calling for mom, and not just crying.
Tri-pod sitting (unsupported)

His first taste of food.
Loving his spoon from the very first moment.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dodger Game

Yes you read that correctly we went to the Dodger game last night. Wayne's office has season tickets, and the costumer who was going to use them got sick and could not go, so we were able to get the tickets. The seats were great they were about 200 ft away from home plate. We had bats and balls flying in our direction quite a few times. Across the isle from us was a family with two boys and a girl around Madison's age. They had lots of fun playing together on the stairs. And were nice enough to share their foam finger with Madie. After the game I was getting the kids into their pj's and Wayne went to use the bathroom, on his way back to the car he saw Orlando Cabrera, who used to play for the Angels, and is now with the Athletics and got to say hi. He also saw Jason Giambi. He had stopped and was signing autographs, since Wayne had nothing he came back to the car. In the car we had a baseball and a pen, so Wayne went back and got him to sign the ball.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dancing Queen

Madie loves to dance, and sing. She loves music, and it will always steal her attention. The other day Wayne turned on a program from the 50's that had jazz music from the 20's- 40's. Madie was in the front room within a minute mesmerised. Then came the dancers. When Madie saw dancing she had to do it to. She found one of my shirts in the front room, and put it on. She needed her "dress" just like the girls on tv. She then went up to Wayne held out her hand and said "Dance". It was so cute. They had a great time dancing around.

Good Night Moon

Madie was not wanting to go to bed tonight, and she was playing around in her room, eventhough it was dark, then it got quiet, and she crashed.


We were not ready for the vacation fun to end, so we decided to take a trip to Disneyland. Actually I had two passes that were about to expire so we went while we could.
It was lots of fun. Collin went for the first time, and Madison was old enough to really enjoy it.
We went on Jungle Cruise, which Madie loved all the animals, she even started calling the hippos, oincs (pigs). We then went on Pirates. In December when we went last Madie loved the drops, this time she was not to sure. When it got dark she started nuzzling into Wayne, and stayed that way whenever it was dark. She did like the ride when there was light and lots to look at. We then went down and got on the Winnie the Pooh ride, which Madie loved. We then got pictures with Pooh and Tigger. I was not sure how she would react, but she loved them so much, she did not want to go.

I just love this picture

This one is a little out of focus, but it is a good one so I included it.

We walked around a bit got pictures with Mickey, who Madie was not to sure of.

Madie then ran around Toontown with Wayne while I fed Collin.

You can see me in the background sitting at the fountain.

We also got a family picture in front of the castle.

We then went over to California Adventure. We went on the new Toy Story Mania. It was so much fun, but I would have liked it better if I was not holding a sleeping 4 month old. Collin fell asleep while we were waiting in line, and stayed asleep the entire time. When I got on the ride he just rolled over onto the padded bar and slept. I thought he would have woken up but not, and once the ride started and I realized how jerky it was I knew he was going to wake up, but no he slept the entire time.

We then went on the Ferris Wheel, and Madie liked going up and seeing all the trees, but when it was time to go down, she sat back in her chair and would not look out.

By this time Collin was very hungry, and not wanting to be in the stroller, so we went over to the challenge trail so Wayne could run around with Madison and I could feed Collin. Madison loved this and had lots of fun.

By this time it was 9:00 pm and we were ready to go home. It was a great trip, and we have one more coming up in December. Then we have to pay like the rest of the world, poo!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Growing Baby

Last week Collin had his four month check-up all is well with him and he weighs 15.8 lbs (51 percentile), and 26 3/4 inches (92 percentile).
Yesterday he reached a new milestone, I caught him crawling on his hands and knees, with belly off the ground, it was only for a quick scooch, but he did it 3 times that I saw. He is getting very good at going where he wants to, and very soon he will always be up on his hands and knees.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sea World Day 2

We went back to Sea World on Saturday. Being the weekend there was a lot more people there. We were glad to have done the major things the day before. Even with larger crowds it was still very manageable, and we got to do everything we wanted.

Since Sea World is owned by Anhueser Busch they have Clydesdale horses there. They have a presentation where you get to see them braid the tail and mane to see how they "dress" them. You can then take a picture. However they will not take a pic with your camera, if you want a group pic you have to buy theirs.

The second day Madison was much more interested in seeing the animals, and would get very excited. All day long, bear, bear, bear. It would go on for what ever animal we were looking at.

As we exited the exhibit that held animals from colder regions Madie saw a plush walrus. She instantly picked it up and started walking around with it. I thought we would have to buy it for her, but she gave it up without a fight.

Watching the beluga whales.
They were working with trainers so we got to see them spinning.

They have a show with sea lions where they spoof popular tv shows. Here they are competing in Survivor. They also did American Idol, and the sea lions actually sang, CSI, and Iron Chef.
The show was very funny.

These are from the manatee rescue.

I would have to say Pets Rule was Madies favorite. It had dogs, cats and oinks, as Madie calls them.

Madie was ready to go home as she fell asleep just a few minutes after we finished all we wanted to see. After viewing the penguins she once again grabbed a plush, this time she put up a fight not wanting to let it go. Before we bought it we went back to the walruses and asked if she wanted that. "No", she said as she pushed it away. So we went back and got her the penguin. I went in alone since the stroller is huge, and the shop was small, and not letting her see what I got put in the stroller. We also got Collin an orca. When we got to the car she woke up as we put her in, so I gave her the penguin. She was so happy to have it she grabbed on and wouldn't let go. She even had to take it with her into the restaurant for dinner.

Monday, June 1, 2009

San Diego Part 2

We were able to get a really good deal on a hotel for our stay, and since we were staying with two young kids they gave us a corner room (it had 50 more square feet than a standard room). The only down side was that it had two double beds, if we wanted a king bed it would have been an extra $50.

Madie really enjoyed the view from our 17th floor room.

Wayne was a little uneasy about how high we were.

Madison had so much fun exploring the room, and getting into everything.

Collin really enjoyed just hanging out.

With two double beds the sleeping arrangements were quite interesting. We took the pack-n-play, so that would be Collin's bed. We then figured Madison would take one bed and Wayne and I would share the other. Madison had other plans for us. That first night Madison wanted to sleep with her dad. That really surprised us, we figured she would want mommy. After she fell asleep Wayne switched beds, then Madie woke up and I joined her. After she fell asleep I went back.
The second night whent about the same until Collin woke up wanting to eat. That left Madie laying the wrong way across her oun bed, me with Collin in the other, and Wayne on the couch.

The firts night Madie discovered a hidden path behind the tv. Since we had a corner room we had two extra windows, one of which was tucked away behind a wall. This made a nice little space for Madie to play.
Entry to the hideout.

Madie's playroom